Download Windows Media Player 12.0.7000

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Windows media player 12.0.700
Since users are testing different versions of Windows 7, we have seen some of the most outstanding characteristics that are adapting to Windows XP and Vista, such as the Aero Shake, the visual style, the official wallpapers, the calculator, among others.. Something you might not know is that Windows 7 will incorporate the Windows Media Player 12, the new media player version, something similar happen with Internet Explorer 8.

A user of deviantART povided the original files of Windows Media Player 12 from Windows 7 build 7000 that are available to all of us. The file weighs about 9MB,it works only with Windows Vista.

Steps to install the version are:

  • Go to C: Windows System32 and backup “wmploc.dll”
  • Go to C: Program Files and backup the ” windowsmediaplayer” folder
  • Now Extract the downloaded RAR file and copy wmploc.dll C: Windows System32
  • copy other files (Windows Media Player folder) to C:Program Files

I have not yet installed it on my laptop, but the comments of the reference page, ensure that it works to perfection.

NOTE: There are no guarantees that it works, so before you make these changes, we recommend making a backup of the above file and folder, so we can restore back in case of any errors.

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Download | Windows Media Player 12.0.7000