Download WebSite X5 Smart v8.0.9 for Free

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Yesterday I came through this free offer while searching at , WebSite X5 Smart edition from incomedia  is neither a Website X5 “Evolution 8″ nor “Compact 8″ version, it is a crippled version with less features.

WebSite X5 smart is a very easy to use Web design program, that allows users  to create a  website, with several pages ( this version limits to 28 Pages) in just 5 easy steps.

It doesn’t require any programing skills to use WebSite X5 smart, all you need to do is  follow the 5 steps series, which allows you will  to easily design and set up your website.

5 easy steps to create a website with WebSite X5 smart:

  • Select a one pre-installed template.
  • Create a layout and the navigation of your website.
  • Add your content: text, images, Flash videos and more.
  • Create your own unique style with buttons and fonts
  • Publish the website with it’s integrated
  • When compared with Website X5 v8 Evolution, as WebSite X5 Smart is a smaller version lacks features like e-commerce shopping cart ,Blog Panel Control, free hosting and limited templates.

    Check out more info here:


    How to get it for Free?

    1. First visit this page and create a new account
    2. Now you will be forwarded to another web page, enter the following product code “E1IA-U7N9-E6J3” and click “send” button.
    3. Note:
      Other product codes:

    4. Now you will receive an email from “WebSite X5” with an unlock code
    5. Download the installation file from here
    6. Install it, and enter the unlock code that you received in step 3 to activate the product