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Virtual VCD 8 Free download

Today we are sharing a way to get Virtual CD 8 Original version for FREE which will cost around $29.95 .As the H+H Software GmbH mention their Virtual CD software(Trademark ) as “Virtual CD – The Original”,so we mentioned it as Virtual CD 8 original version.

About Virtual CD 8 :
Virtual CD offers 200x speed and noiseless CD/DVD access without a physical drive. You can run games, see movies, and hear music directly from your hard disk without inserting and swapping CD’s.

With Virtual CD you can create compressed 1:1 copies (virtual CDs/DVDs) to your hard drive. You can then store your originals safely in a cabinet! Your virtual CDs are thenavailable with a simple click or even automatically with the autostart of the corresponding program.

Here is a summary of the functions in Virtual CD v8:

  • Certified 32 & 64-bit driver
  • Virtual CD/DVD-burner
  • Virtual encrypted hard-drive
  • Expanded function access over the tray icon
  • Insertion of virtual CD’s also in physical drives
  • Improved support of non-standard CD/DVD formats
  • Noise reducer for physical CD/DVD-drives
  • Enhanced toolbox
  • Improved API- and script functions
  • Flexible layout of the CD-management incl. layout browser

Advantages of Virtual CD

  • Up to 23 virtual CD/DVD drives
  • Up to 23 CDs/DVDs accessible at the same time
  • High speed access to an unlimited number of CDs and DVDs
  • 1:1 access to CD- or DVD-images stored in a network
  • CD/DVD data throughput at hard disc speed (200x CD-ROM)
  • Accesstime up to 93% faster than a phys. CD-ROM drive
  • Concurrent access of several computers to a CD/DVD image

and much more…

How to grab Virtual CD 8 Original for free ?

1. First visit this free offer (German language) page (click here)

2.Now Fill the form by entering your Name,email address(*required fileds) and click “Dalej“ button,as shown in below image.

3.Now you will be forwarded to a conformation page click on “Wislij” button as shown in below image.

4.Now you will receive an email from “”,which contains Virutal CD 8 license key.

5.Now Download installation file from below link

Virtual CD v8- Version here)

6.Install it and register it with your license key.

Thanks to fake91 and freeteam