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Tired of getting speeding tickets! Checkout this cool iPhone App, called Trapster which might just be the solution you where looking for.

Trapster is a new  application that allows you to track and share the location of speed traps right on your mobile phone .  Once installed, the app uses a combination of your device’s internal GPS capabilities, geocoding techniques, and voice transcription to alert you in real-time to any reported speed traps in your area.

Trapster requires users finding those speed trap or speed camera then taping the screen will send a message to the Trapster server and register that trap and update the application to show the location.The coolest part  is that Trapster will warn you through your mobile phone if you’re approaching any of the speed traps it knows about.  If you don’t want to keep Trapster running all the time, you can just turn on SMS alerts to be informed when a new trap is reported in your area.

Download Trapster iPhone App – Free
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