Download Silverlight 4 RC

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At Microsoft’s fifth annual MIX10 conference , Scott Guthrie, Microsoft Corporate Vice President announced the availability of Silverlight 4 release candidate (RC) an alternative to Adobe Flash.The final release is slated for April and this is the first RC version that follows the Silverlight 4 beta, which was released at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference in November 2009.

Some Key Features of Silverlight 4 :

  • WebCam preview
  • supports microphones
  • Rich-text editing
  • Drag-and-drop capability
  • Full screen pinning
  • Right-click mouse and scrolling
  • Navigation loader refresh
  • out-of-browser online and offline apps
  • Also also check 60+ page whitepaper that covers full feature list of all the new features in Silverlight 4.


    Download Silverlight 4 Release Candidate (RC) Build 4.0.50303.0:

  • Silverlight 4 RC for Windows<
  • Silverlight 4 RC for Mac
  • Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010
  • Silverlight Toolkit
    1. Thanks for making the download files available. New downloads are not compatible with Visual studio 2010 RC edition.