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For past one month we shared Antivirus and Image editors promos, after Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC , Pc tools Registry Mechanic & Desktop Maestro 3 , today we are sharing a promotional offer for another registry cleaner “Registry First Aid 6”.

Why do we need Register Cleaner?
Did you notice any thing like your PC working slowly or behaving strangely and hanging out (strucking) frequently, then it’s probably due to Registry errors. Because as you go on installing and uninstalling software’s the garbage in your Windows registry also keeps on growing, as window’s default uninstaller can not remove all the files properly, this may slow down your computer and finally you will see your Windows Crashing.


About Registry First Aid 6 :
Registry First Aid is programmed to locate invalid file and folder references present in the Windows registry; allow the user to manually select which drives and paths to be searched; display the results in an interactive panel, delete invalid registry files, and create undo files provided in RegEdit4 formatting.

Its main dashboard is comprised of two panels:

The left side containing the various sections of your Windows registry and the right side containing the obsolete registry data. It is an intuitive design with simplicity kept in mind.

key features :

  • Find invalid file/folder references in Windows registry.
  • select drives and paths where to search registry referenced files/folders.
  • select found matches to make corrections to invalid registry entries.
  • delete incorrect registry references to previously un-installed files or folders.
  • create undo files in RegEdit4 format, so you always can restore Windows registry.

Promo Details

visit below promo link, just enter your email and click ‘download’, then it will display a license key,note down the key.
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