Download Quickly from MegaUpload without Waiting

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I think  title of the post will say all!, Many online storage providers use captcha systems for their website  which make free users to wait and try to force users to buy premium accounts for download more quickly and avoid having to wait for a bit of time between a download and the other.
Megaupload is one of the most popular file hosting services used in all over world? (may be in India).
Particularly in the case of Megaupload, after entering the capchta code free users have to wait between twenty five and forty-five seconds before they can start downloading the file.

Every one cannot buy a premium account,this doesn’t mean that free users have to wait for 40 secs. There is solution called MU Bundle.

MU Bundle, a add-on for Firefox allows you to start downloading from Megaupload like a premium user without waiting for the countdown.

Just simply download and install this addon,restart Firefox and all you have to do is visit the megaupload link of your file,enter the captcha and this addon will skip the waiting and allows you to download the file instantaneously.

This extension is currently in beta phase so we need to register on Mozilla Web site in order to Download and install this addon.

Note:A clarification, It does not generates premium link, only it skips waiting time, so we avoid using download managers or anything like that.

Download : MU Bundle