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Previously (12-05-2009) we shared a promo for O&O DriveLED 2,today we are sharing a promotional offer for it’s upgraded version O&O DriveLED 3 .

Usually a single Computer license for O&O DriveLED 3 will cost around $30,so you will get $29.95 worth O&O DriveLED 3 full version license for free.Also the Current  version is compatible with Windows™ 7,& vista

About O&O DriveLED 3 :

After Ram the Most important part of a computer is probably hard disk , damage to Hard disk is irreplaceable.Because files and folders in Hard disk cannot be recovered to to the full extent.

So we have to look for hard disk monitor / diagnostics softwares which continuously monitor hard disk health against temperature and aging.O&O Drive LED 3 is one such software which as the ability to recognize a potential malfunction before it happens.

O&O DriveLED 3 is a partner you can depend on: accurately telling you when it’s time to backup your important data with O&O DiskImage, or even replace the hard disk entirely.

Some key features of O&O DriveLED 3:

  • Display of read/write access for logical volumes
  • Display of current storage capacity on logical drives
  • Automatic monitoring of all S.M.A.R.T. properties
  • Display of current temperatures on all hard disk drives
  • Prognosis of remaining operational life for all hard disk drives
  • Self tests run directly in Windows without the creation of a boot disk!
  • Warning notification of possible operational errors on all hard disk drives
  • Support of all Windows-compatible storage volumes
  • Support of SCSI-disk drives


How to grab O&O DriveLED 3 License for Free ?

    1. Method 1: Update: Now visit this new promo link
      and get the O&O DriveLED 3 license directly
      Method 2: First visit this O&O DriveLED 2 promo link & get v2 license
      Now visit this O&O DriveLED 3 promo link ,then enter required fields in the form as shown in below image.

      Now check your email inbox, you will receive a O&O DriveLED 3 Single Computer license key from “O&O Register “.
      Download Installation file from below links,
      32 bit:
      64 bit:
      Install it, restart your PC,open O&O DriveLED 3,then enter the License details and unlock the trail version
  • Note: The email response from O&O is some what late or slow,so in the mean time download the software from above links. Also check your email “spam” box.

System Requirements
10 MB free hard disk space
Windows™ 7, Server 2008 R2, Vista, Server 2008, XP, Server 2003, 2000 (all Editions, from Windows™ XP/Server 2003 each 32-bit/64-bit support)


  1. They sent me an E-Mail and said that I entered an incorrect serial. It seems that it isn’t possible to get a free upgrade with an free V2 serial key.

  2. Yes i did … you’re my source for free stuff 😉
    Maybe they had a bad day … I’ll try it again.
    They should give me the free V3, because I got their mail with the information that I (as an V2 owner) will get a free update to V3.
    We’ll see, I’ll post their answer.