Download of the Day: Skype 4.0

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Skype 4.0
After spending some time in Beta, the market finally received the final version of  Skype 4.0 for Windows.

One of the main characteristics of this new version is,it offers Full-screen video calling, a new built-in bandwidth manager that optimizes calls in relation to your connection, a new audio codec which promises wideband audio quality using 50% less bandwidth than required by previous versions, plus a number of changes designed to make the user experience easier.

Skype 4.0 for Windows also has improved video quality, especially for those users with speeds of 400 Kb / s or more, and have high definition webcams. The audio quality is key in an application like this, it has also been adjusted and improved, thanks especially to the bandwidth manager, called Silk, which automatically adjusts the quality to be able to maintain the call. But when we have good speed it provides excellent sound quality.

The Skype Garage post explains:

Starting from this version we’ve included the new Super Wideband Audio codec. This is our second in-house built audio codec especially designed for calls over the internet with superb quality. The Super Wideband Audio codec will help you most on lousy network conditions and when you have lower bandwidth available, although it also improves quality in normal conditions too.

Other developments are the so-called multi-user that will allow us to speak at conferences or several people at once, and access to contacts in Outlook. Skype 4.0 for Windows can be downloaded from it’s official site.

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