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My Daily Wallpaper is a free portable windows application that downloads wallpapers from the internet and changes your desktop wallpaper automatically, or as per user request.

My Daily Wallpaper software will download wall papers from popular sites such as deviantART,National Geographic and ChanArchive. Users can choose the wallpapers based on 52 categories ranging from anime, fiction,vehicles to animal and plant wallpapers.The software will instantly download a new wallpaper according to the categories you specify, while enabling you to also store the grabbed files onto the hard drive.

Wanna download automatically every day a new and beautiful wallpaper for your Windows desktop.Then My Daily Wallpaper automatically download and change your wallpaper after Windows logon or every X hours.Over 500.000 hi-quality wallpapers are available.

More than 52 different categories:
3d, abstract, aircraft, animals and nature, animation, anime, anime scenery, Apple Mac, architecture, art, bikes, black & white, Bollywood, cars, cartoons, celebrities, club music, comics, computers, digital art, dreamy, fantasy, fashion, flowers, food, fractals, games, girls & models, gothic & dark, holidays, landscapes and cities, love, military, minimalistic, movies and tv series, national geographic, objects, oceans & sea life, paintings & art, photo manipulated, photography, pinup girls, science fiction, singers & music, space, sport, technical, technology, vector, vehicles, vexel, various.

Wallpapers by:

What’s new in Version 5.20 ?

– on autostartup, before downloading a wallpaper, the software wait for an internet connection (this resolve all network problems related to systems which requires some seconds to log into a lan).
– added a new option in the config: wait XX seconds before downloading a new wallpaper (only on autostartup). This is useful on low-end pc.
– the software now wait 5 seconds before trying to dowload a new wallpaper (only on autostartup and after a connection error)
– on autostartup the software verify proxy settings before downloading a wallpaper. This prevents user lock on pc connected to a lan due to password error.


Download: My Daily Wallpaper 5.20 (320 KB )

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