Download Muvee AutoProducer 5 for Free

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Download Muvee AutoProducer 5 for Free
This promotional offer is set by PC-Welt magazine,which will give you €74 or $100 worth Muvee AutoProducer 5 License for free.This will be useful software for those who are passionate about editing Movies  and Digital pictures.
About Muvee AutoProducer 5 :

The award-winning muvee autoProducer is a program that automatically generates movies from your video clips. Version 5 of muvee autoProducer promises to be the ‘fastest, easiest and most fun way to transform your video and pictures into slick productions”.

At first glance it looks like just another regular DVD Authoring package. However it has many features that help it stand out from the others. Starting with the Video highlights its ‘magicMoments’ feature allows you more control over the video production. Basically you scroll through your video and give a ‘thumbs up’ to the parts you want to keep and a ‘thumbs down’ to the parts you don’t. Very easy to manage.

Other noteable features:

tweak muvee: allows last minute edits, before producing. Switch out video segments with others you would rather include.

– Capture DV from Firewire connections and from USB webcams.

– All video formats are supported like: MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, AVI, DivX, Mov

– Probably the best feature they offer is their bundled ‘Styles Collection’: choose from 24 Unique Styles for your video theme. 100’s more available.

– You can also use your Digital Photos in your Videos. Use their ‘magicSpot’ feature to pick a sweetspot on the photo to focus on in the video. Supports bmp, jpeg, gif, and tiff formats.

– Integrated DVD Authoring allows you to do it all here. Create, convert, and burn to DVD. You can even convert your mobile phone videos.

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How to Grab Free Muvee AutoProducer 5 License key?

1.First visit below any one of the German proxy websites
2.Then enter following promo link & paste) and click “Go” button
3.Now just enter your email address,name and click “Akzeptieren” button.

4. Check your email, you should receive an email from from “[email protected]”, copy the license key(very big).
5.Now download Installation file(105 MB) from below link
6.Install it ,restart your pc,launch the program and enter your license key

Note: They are sending following Common license key “0002VB-8XHJGV-Q6MQ0G-FZJY5E-QP9W8F-GU9Y3J-P14NPD-9PWF21” to every one,so use it if your unable to register and get a key

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