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Download MechWarrior 4 and its expansions for free.

This will be great news for (veteran) gamers, as MechWarrior 4 Game and all its four expansion packs (Mercenaries, Clan Mech Pak, Inner Sphere Mech Pak, and Black Knight) will be available soon as a free download. MechWarrior 4 was originally published in 2000 by Microsoft and its expansions (Black Knight, Inner Sphere Mech Pack, and Clan Mech Pack) were released a year later.

According to MekTek, MechWarrior rights owner Smith & Tinker has given permission to sites and to distribute MechWarrior 4 and all of its expansions for free.

This giveaway is marked as a celebration of BattleTech’s 25th anniversary and MekTek’s 10th anniversary.Mechwarrior 5 has also been announced and it’s being developed for the PC and Xbox 360.

For those who do not know , MechWarrior 4 puts you in the center of a battle for succession to the throne taken by a betrayal.Your family is dead and you are the leader of a small lance of Mech.So you have to take the crucial decisions to stop traitors and succeed the throne
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So keep an eye on below link,at any time they will release the free download and also Let us know if you see MechWarrior 4 available for download.

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