Download LayerView 1.06 for Free

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LayerView“,a lightweight network analyzer tool for Windows normally costs $39,but for a limited period of time “Ask The Earth Ltd” the developers of LayerView are giving out the full version of the product for free.

what is LayerView ?

While browsing the internet, we don’t know how much data or how your PC programs are communicating with Internet. All you can do is ALt+CTRL+DEL and see the network performance or you can see data sent and received by clicking “local area connection“, but we don’t know exactly what data your PC is sending and receiving.

With layerview you can overcome this, LayerView is a lightweight, robust, flexible packet sniffer which allows you to take control of your network.It will show you exactly what data your computer is sending and receiving.

It reconstructs entire TCP/UDP conversations for browsing. It supports a wide range of protocols, with more being added every day. It offers full filtering support, allowing you to search through and filter data collected.

key features :

  • Conversation view:
    LayerView reconstructs entire TCP/UDP conversations for browsing
  • Protocol analysis:
    LayerView can decode a wide range of protocols, with more being added every day
  • Full filtering support:
    LayerView lets you search through and filter data collected
  • Compatible with Windows 2003, Vista, XP, Server 2008/Win 7
  • Note : while installing LayerView driver you probably receive a warning that you are about to install an unsigned driver – you can safely accept this security warning.

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    How to get the LayerView for Free?

    • First visit this page, and enter your email ID to get the key.
    • Now download “Layerview.license” from the redirected page or from the email you received.
    • Download the installation file from(click) here, install it.
    • Now run the “layer view “, then click on “click here I have license and select the downloaded “Layerview.license” path and activate the license

    Thanks to billmullins.