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Microsoft is still in the web browser’s race!,the Redmond company is not willing to give it’s Market share to Mozilla. Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 8 the final version is now available for free download at Microsoft official website.

I am writing this post trying new IE8 and the first thing I noticed that it has improved from the previous version is the speedin opening the application and the web.

IE 8 latest features includes tools to customize and control the software via centralized policies, new privacy and security features and integration to ease deployment, accelerators for social networking sites such as twitter and facebook, support for Cascading Style Sheets 2.1 and it also supports 25 languages.

There are many new and enhanced features like Smart address bar, WebSlices, Automatic crash recovery, Tab Groups, Redesigned “New Tab” page, Reopen last browsing session, and Result count that make your web browsing faster, easier and safer than ever before.


I just downloaded IE8 final which is about 16mb a little lesser in Vista and a little longer in Xp, twice in the versions of 64bits. As usual, the installation of IE8 removes and replaces earlier versions.I think there are not many differences between previous released beta version IE8 RC1 and IE8,fixing some errors.

Negative things I’ve found … the memory consumption can be really terrible for a small Pc’s(with less Ram), Memory consumed by IE8 for 7tabs as follows:

For 7 tabs Firefox consumes memory a total of 150.000KB and Google Chrome as follows:

In summary, Internet Explorer 8 is very good (than IE 7). Hard to believe, but true. In fact, on my laptop it works fast with Windows Vista, but it really sucks on Windows XP.( in my Desktop it works slow with xp).For those who have already migrated to Safari, Chrome or Firefox, IE 8 offers neither speed nor interesting enough to move him.But it’s worth downloading to have a new version of IE.

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