Download Heavy Rain Demo (Ps3)

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Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain is considered to be one of the most original games to grace consoles in 2010. The release of the game has been confirmed for the 23rd of February and the demo will be releasing on 11th February 2010.

Although Heavy Rain was on the Store and it will get  UN-locked unless you complete the Four Days challenge. But if you follow below steps you can access the Demo now itself.


How to download Heavy Rain Demo ?

  1. First Visit this link and login to your account (assuming you’re signed up).
  2. Note: If you don’t have an account, then headover to this link

  3. Now click continue and then choose 4 pieces of evidence, as given below
    • The short cigarette butt from the cigarette butts
    • The odd right hand driver picture from the tire tracks
    • The diner with a Sphinx picture on it
    • The Origami Bird
  4. After choosing the evidences, you will get a promo code.

That’s it, enjoy the Heavy Rain Demo (Ps3),which is around 2GB in size.!

[via kotaku]