Download Free Mobile Games with Hovr

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Everyone loves mobile games, Hovr is a site where we can find many games for cell phones, which can be downloaded for Free. Hovr is revolutionizing the mobile content and advertising sectors by offering users fun, high-quality free, ad-supported downloadable mobile games integrated in a social gaming community with the ability to connect, compete, and interact with friends.


The portal has very attractive design,on the cover we can find the recommendations of all the games that are being downloaded in large quantities by users.It also has the option to search for games directly by the brand of mobile phone which make your search easy, for example, games compatible with Nokia phones. Moreover, to make the search more specific, you can search by model, for example, Nokia 5200.

Another cool feature we have found is that you can try the game first before downloading, clicking on the “Play Now!”, Which will charge a Java console with buttons of a cell and mobile screen

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