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Generally updating your system (hardware) drivers to latest version will improve your system performance, provides stability and security. System withoutdated drivers can result in incompatibilities or other technical problems.For instance, updating your system Graphics driver to latest version, will improve performance, compatibility. Also these updates will often offer advanced functionality and features.

But, the main problem  with these hardware drivers is, they will not  receive automatically updates when new versions are released, we have to update them manually either by visiting the developer’s website and check for new drivers or depend on third-party software that  finds and download the updated driver for your hardware.

There are several third-party software’s, that scans your computer hardware, then checks to see if there are new driver updates available for your devices and immediately fetches the correct driver files for your computer.But mostly all these software’s are not available for free usage and users have to buy them to download updates, although the driver updates are released by the developer (manufacturers) for free usage.

However we came through a free software called “DriverPack Solution”, that simplifies the process and provides free solution to automatically install the latest drivers.DriverPack Solution  is an effective and efficient manager to install drivers for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The main highlight of this software is both the lite and full version are available for free, the lite version is around 8 MB, where as the full version is around 3 GB, available as torrent download.

When you launch the software, the program scans your system and displays information of your computer’s BIOS, the processor and the core temperature, the RAM, all hard drives and other system related information.Also  options to run cleanups, defrag and to test the memory are displayed  on the main interface.

When you click  on the search tab,installed drivers that requires update will be listed, click on the link in the list will either download the update automatically , or  will redirect  you to the page on a driver download website.


DriverPack Solution Features:

  • DriverPack Solution automatically carries out identification of hardware,establishes a correspondence between the detected devices and available in the database drivers.
  • Provides the ability to install / reinstall / update the drivers;
  • Provides search tools on the Internet is not listed in the drivers using the service DevID;
  • Maintains drivers up to date by regularly updating the database drivers;
  • Monitors and diagnostics of the main elements of the computer’s hardware (processor, hard drives, memory);
  • Monitors the activity of anti-virus and relevance of its signature
  • Additional features include an integrated manager the ability to install more software (browsers, codecs, etc.).

Download: DriverPack Solution 12.3 Lite
Download : DriverPack Solution 12.3 Full