Download BattleForge Game For Free

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EA Phenomic’s online RTS-MMO trading card game “Battleforge” which was launched just a couple of months ago is now available as a free Download.Thus it is the first EA game that is distributed via Play4Free.

About BattleForge Game

BattleForge combines the collection and deck building of a trading card game with the action and immediacy of a real-time strategy game. Battles are fought across 3D landscapes, viewed from a medium-zoom isometric perspective by default. The graphical style is simple, colorful, and expressive, with a variety of landscape types and plenty of distinct special effects for the spells and powers in each of four magic types. There is no base-building or unit development in the game. The only resources required to control units and spells in battle are energy generators and orb-producing monuments. With enough energy and the right type of orbs in their control, players can instantly summon units, build defensive towers, or cast powerful spells.


This is the first  EA’s product that is distributed as a Play4Free publication. Play4Free offers gamers a easy and free introduction to games like Battleforge.

Download Battleforge For Free

Users of the Battleforge Play4Free version have full access to the complete game content and community features, even to the recently released Renegade campaign and will also get 32 cards. These players can play in any scenario, and they can, of course, purchase Booster Packs and cards from the auction house. They can’t however, put a card in the auction house, directly trade with other players, or send in-game mail until they are either level 4 in PvE or level 10 in Pvp.

Besides the release of the Play4Free version, Battleforge Game is still being sold in retail market for $29.99.The the retail copy of the game comes with 3000 BattleForge points that can be used to buy whatever cards you want.


Download Battleforge Play4Free version