Download any ebook free from Packt Publishing

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Yes,now you can download any ebook free from Packt Publishing (through the end of the month).Packt Publishing reaches 1000 IT titles and celebrates by offering free ebook for new and existing users

Register for a new account or sign in using your current Packt account between the 28th and 30th of September, and you will be able to access PacktLib for free for seven days. During this time, you can choose a free eBook from Packt’s entire catalog. It’s yours to keep forever.

 Note:No credit card is needed for free ebook or for registering an accouny,Offer expires 30th of September.

Packit books are renowned among developers for being uniquely practical and focused, covering highly specific tools and technologies which IT professionals might not expect to see a high quality book on.

Packt supports many of the Open Source projects covered by its books through a project royalty donation, which has contributed over $400,000 to Open Source projects. As part of the 1000th book celebration Packt is allocating $30,000 to share between projects and authors.

Dave Maclean, founder of Packt Publishing explains, “At Packt we set out 8 years ago to bring practical, up to date and easy to use technical books to the specialist tools and technologies that had been largely overlooked by IT publishers. Today, I am really proud that with our authors and partners we have been able to make useful books available on over 1000 topics and make our contribution to the development community.”