Doom 64 Game and Rumbleverse Boom Boxer DLC Giveaway

Doom 64 Game and Rumbleverse Boom Boxer DLC Available for Free

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Doom 64 Game and Rumbleverse Boom Boxer DLC are now free to download from the Epic Games Store.

As part of the Epic Games Store weekly freebies, both the original Doom 64 game and the Boom Boxer downloadable content for Rumbleverse are currently free to download until August 25, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. PDT | 11:00 a.m. EDT | 3:00 p.m. GMT.

Visit the below Epic Games Store links and add the freebies to your account.

Doom 64 Game:

Rumbleverse Boom Boxer DLC:

About  Rumbleverse:

Come to Grapital City, where fights can break out everywhere and everybody can participate. Participate in a 40-person brawl and see if you have what it takes to be crowned champion.

New free-to-play melee battle royale Rumbleverse launches up to 40 players from a cannon into the streets of Grapital City, where they must scale, jump, and vault across the city’s rooftops while unleashing an ever-changing arsenal of elbow drops, powerbombs, and dropkicks.

Grapital City, where the Rumbleverse takes place, was constructed to honor the noble history of close-quarters warfare. Everyone on this island has a passion for combat and a desire to achieve greatness in the ring; you can join them. You’ll get to experience the Rumble by building a custom character and firing them out of a cannon. Race across the city in pursuit of power-ups to improve your fighting style, and then face off against other players in an effort to be the last man (or squad of men) standing.

Rumbleverse Boom Boxer Pack

Boom Boxer Content Pack:

The exclusive Boom Boxer set, together with a unique background and border for title cards, and a Fame booster that extends playtime by 120 minutes, are all included in this special package.

This pack includes:
1. Exclusive Boom Boxer set:  Boxing headset, gloves, tank top, trunks, and shoes.
2. Exclusive title card background and border.
3.120-minute gameplay Fame booster.

About Doom 64:

Experience the best of the 1997 Nintendo 64 classic with this updated edition. It’s been years since you halted Satan’s assault on Earth. The UAC research facilities on Mars were quarantined for the safety of humanity and were left abandoned and forgotten… until now.

Doom 64 Game Play

DOOM 64 is an action first-person shooter game that came out in 1997 for the Nintendo 64. It is a direct sequel to the events of DOOM II. In 2020, to mark the 25th anniversary of DOOM, a remastered version of DOOM 64 came out for PC and consoles.

Here’s what the creator of this classic said about the setting:

Years have passed since you stopped Hell’s invasion of Earth. Quarantined for humanity’s safety, the UAC research facilities on Mars were abandoned and forgotten…until now. A signal from a degraded satellite suggests a single entity remains, and it has the power to resurrect the demon