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DoNotSpy11: The Best Privacy Tool for Windows 11 Users

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DoNotSpy11 is an advanced privacy protector that gives you complete command over the data that is transmitted from your computer to Microsoft. You may effortlessly disable telemetry and data collecting using it, keeping your personal information safe.

Microsoft’s Windows 11 has several brand-new additions and enhancements. A few of these options, however, may endanger your data and security.

Windows 11 may, without your knowledge or approval, do things like collect your data, send telemetry information to Microsoft servers, turn on services like Cortana and others automatically, and install apps and updates you don’t want.

DoNotSpy11 gives you greater privacy and control over your Windows 11 settings. This simple and free tool lets you change or turn off Windows 11’s various privacy settings.

Features of DoNotSpy11:


  1. Disable telemetry and data collection: If you don’t want Windows 11 to collect data and telemetry, you may easily turn that off. Microsoft won’t be able to stalk your online activity or monitor your search terms.
  2. App Notifications: Pre-installed apps might send you notifications. This program lets you choose to enable or stop notifications from other apps so that you only get the ones that matter.
  3. Location Tracking: apps that can track your location, which can be handy for services that rely on your physical location. If you don’t want your location shared with other apps, you can turn off location tracking in this one.
  4. Personalized Ads: Windows 11 tailors its advertisements to the user by using information collected from the browser and other sources. Some people may appreciate these advertisements, while others may find them annoying. With this app, you can opt out of receiving targeted advertisements.

Why use “DoNotSpy11”?


You should download this app for a variety of reasons. Primarily, it can help in keeping your personal information secure. Microsoft and other organizations won’t be able to track your online activities if you turn off the data collection features. This can protect you from being the subject of intrusive forms of marketing and profiling.

Second, your computer’s efficiency can be boosted with this program’s assistance. You may free up system resources and minimize the load on your CPU and RAM by turning off unused functions. This has the potential to improve overall performance, including boot speeds, multitasking, and responsiveness.

Finally, there is a way to stop receiving notifications you don’t want. DoNotSpy11 can help if you’re sick of being harassed by software update prompts or forced to install updates against your will. If you disable automatic updates, Microsoft won’t be able to force you to upgrade your machine at any specific time.

How to use DoNotSpy11?

The app’s interface is intuitive and simple to use. Once you’ve downloaded and set up the tool, all you have to do is run it and choose the ones you want to turn off.

The primary interface lists all available tweaks. You can search for specific tweaks or browse the categories to find what you need.

When you click on a setting, you’ll see a description that may tell you more about the feature it affects.

All the selected customizations are active on the device. It provided a colour code for each tweak that describes its potential dangers.

The blue ones can be used without worry, whereas the red ones aren’t advised for most people.

DoNotSpy11 allows you to create a restore point manually from the Actions menu, and it will also show you the current restore point before making any changes.


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