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Donemax DMclone Free License - Disk Cloning App [Windows/Mac]

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Donemax DMclone is a secure, powerful, and simple-to-use disk cloning utility that enables users to easily clone hard drives, copy data, and upgrade disks.

It is always a good idea to clone a hard drive. Cloned hard drives make sure that people have digital copies of all their data on a different hard drive in case the original hard drive fails. This way, people can quickly replace the hard drive and get back to work.

Most people know how important it is to clone their hard drives, but they still think it’s too hard for them. Donemax, on the other hand, is proving this to be false with DMclone.

DMclone software clones 100% of the data from one hard drive to another. This efficient disk cloning software helps users securely and easily clone HDDs, SSDs, memory cards, USB flash drives, and other storage devices from one area to another.

Donemax DMclone UI

DMclone may also be used to upgrade an old hard disk to a new one without having to reinstall the Windows operating system.

DMclone also has a partition-level disk cloning mode. Users can clone a hard drive partition to a new hard drive partition or device, or they can clone data from an external device to a hard drive partition on their own hard drive. It also has disk-level disk cloning mode, which makes it easy for people to clone an entire hard drive to another hard drive or external device, or clone data from a different hard drive to their hard drive. This mode also lets people move data from an external device to their hard drive.

Donemax DMclone Features:

  • Reliable Disk Cloning Solution.
  • Easy Data Backup Software.
  • Easily Upgrade Your Hard Drive.
  • Securely Replace Old Disk with SSD.
  • Partition Clone Mode.
  • Disk Cloning Mode.
  • Fully compatible with both Windows and macOS systems.

Get Donemax DMclone for Free [Win/Mac]:

Windows Users:

Download the Donemax DMclone installer from the developer page[22.6 MB].

Start the installer, complete the installation procedure, and then launch the application.

On the app’s main screen, click the “Activate” button and enter the below license code.





Click “Activate”, that’s it you have unlocked the full version.

Mac Users:

Download the DMclone app from the developer page.

Activate the full version with the below code.




Donemax DMclone License