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DocLock  is a File lock and File encryption software, which provides military-grade security for any files and folders you want to protect. The software lets you assign your own password or let the software generate one for you, to protect any file or folder on your computer with ease.

Locking/unlocking file is as simple as dragging and dropping to the DocLock window or right-clicking the item and choosing DocLock from the context menu.

DocLock is a very simple tool and has all the essential features. Its name is a bit misleading, because you can’t use it to encrypt documents. It is a typical password management tool that creates different entries for each password. Passwords are encrypted with 192bit TripleDES, and the master password is stored as an MD5 hash.

If you need to share a protected file/folder with someone or take it with you, DocLock gives you the option of making it portable–meaning it can be unlocked just by supplying the password .

docLock Features

  • Securely Lock Files, Folders, Documents
    docLock allows you to select the files, folders, documents, photos, video’s, Zip files, PDF’s and other files you wish to lock and password protect. Secure only the files you wish to keep safe.
  • Protect Against Lost or Stolen Personal Information
    docLock allows you a simple way to password protect any personal or sensitive information. Protect yourself against identity theft, financial loss and privacy invasion.
  • Simple to Use
    Install and run in minutes. Follow the “Getting Started” screen to lock your first file in a matter of seconds. No need to read help files, documentation, user manuals, or call the neighborhood computer guru to get started.
  • Drag and Drop Locking/Unlocking Technology
    Lock/Unlock a document at lightning speed with 3 shortcut options; 1) drag and drop the file to docLock, 2) right click the file and choose to Lock/Unlock, or 3) browse to your desired file. So quick!
  • Compact File Size
    docLock is 5 MB in file size, most security software is around 100MB, which means docLock saves the valuable computer resources you need to run programs or surf the web.
  • Share/Email Locked Files
    docLock allows you to share any locked file via email, disk or portable drive with a friend as long as they have the password you created. Feel confident the recipient will be the only one able to use the file.
  • Portable Version
    Take any locked file with you for use on ANY computer by creating a portable version with a simple click of your mouse. Save your files to memory sticks, USB drives, flash drives, external hard drives, or any other device you use to carry or store files.
  • Complements all Security Software
    docLock works with all security and PDF software. Add an additional layer of protection to your Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and PDF Software by locking your files.
  • Password Generator
    docLock makes creating a strong password for you a snap. It will automatically generate a password containing letters, upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols, ensuring the greatest password protection over any locked files. Ensure your passwords are impossible to crack.
  • Conceal Passwords in Photos
    Sometimes passwords are hard to remember, remember a photo instead. To make your life easier, docLock can hide your password in any photo you choose (JPEG, Bitmap, or PNG file). Simply choose any password and then tell docLock to hide the password in the photo of your dog Sparky, when you are ready to unlock the file simply choose the picture of Sparky and your file will unlock.
  • Manage Passwords
    Change a locked file’s password at any time. Just choose the file in which you want to make the password change and select a new password. Updating passwords is easy and helps to keep up maximum security.
  • Secure Delete
    Often times a deleted file will still be recoverable from your hard drive. docLock Secure Delete makes it easy to remove files so they will be completely unrecoverable.
  • Clean Free Space
    docLock will clean all free space on your computer drives. This helps make sure deleted items remain unrecoverable and your computer continues to run smoothly by removing remnants of old files.
  • WiFi Document Security
    Connect to any WiFi network whether at the local coffee shop, traveling through an airport or hotel, with complete piece of mind knowing that even snoops cannot view or read your locked files. Your information is always kept private and in your control when you are on the go.
  • Military Grade Security
    Computer users of all levels can now use the same security technology military and government agencies use every day to secure their most secret files. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use the same underlying technology the government uses.
  • Advanced Features
    For those who want to really take it to the next level, choose from 8 different encryption algorithms, for complete and total control of all your locked files and folders. Included are; BlowFish, Cast-128, 3Des, Des, Gost, RC2, Rijnadael, and Twofish. Keep in mind it would take much longer than the age of the universe to crack a 128-bit key, which is already automatically set within docLock. This ensures your locked files remain completely secure.

DocLock License for Free :

DocLock License for 1 year is normally priced at USD $30. Very soon Bitsdujour is giving away the software for free . Just visit this giveaway page and click “I Want This” button and they will let  you know when the  free offer is available.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I think “SafeHouse Explorer” is a better option as it is free and all the files added to its safe volume can’t be accessed even someone uninstall the program as it is encrypted. I’m using this for a longtime.

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