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DocDroid : Share & View Documents in any Format

DocDroid is a useful website for sharing documents online, the main advantage of using this service is , users can share documents in any format and the recipient can view the document in the original format or in an alternative format.
So users don’t need to bother about the format of the document sharing, because through this web service the recipient/friends don’t require any software installed on their systems for viewing the shared documents.
In simple terms DocDroid is nothing but document file hosting and viewing service, where you can upload a document and share it through email or social media.

DocDroid is a free web service and doesn’t require any account for sharing documents, but if you wish to use the service regularly or you wish to manage the documents, you can create an account by manually filling the form or using a social provider (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter).

docdroid sharing

By clicking ” Select Files” tab, you can upload a document and within a few seconds the service will display a full link and short link for the uploaded file. You can share these links to friends through email or Facebook.
Launching these links on a browser will display the document that you uploaded, further for security you can add a password for the document to prevent unauthorized access, you can do this through the “Wheel” like icon beside the view option.

The DocDroid viewer UI is simple and user friendly, it has Zoom in & Zoom out functions, full screen option , search function and thumbnail view through side panel .Of course, it also provides options to convert the document. For example, a (. Docx) document can be converted to DOC, PDF, ODT or TXT.

docdroid settings

The Free web tool supports most common and popular document formats which include :PDF, DOCX, DOC, ODT, RTF, OTT, XLS, XLSX, TXT, PPT, PPTX, ODP and more. The documents uploaded will be deleted only after 60 days off without viewing or can be manually deleted by the Uploader .

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