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DNS0: Protect Your Privacy Online with a Powerful Free DNS

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Your internet provider (ISP) monitors your online activities and may block websites. Fortunately, there’s a simple and free solution – DNS0. This European DNS service safeguards your privacy, enhances security, and allows unrestricted browsing.

DNS0, a free and 100% European DNS resolver, offers a reliable and fast alternative to giants like Google and Cloudflare, with a strong emphasis on privacy protection and security.

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a service that translates easy-to-remember domain names, like google.com, into IP addresses, making it easier to access different websites. It acts as an internet directory, ensuring smooth and efficient browsing for users.

The Problem with ISP DNS Servers

By default, your network devices use the DNS servers from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, relying on your ISP’s DNS servers can jeopardize your online security and privacy, potentially leading to censorship. These servers often lack essential safeguards against cyber threats, might log your requests, and could block access to specific websites.

DNS0 Features

Opting for DNS0: Strengthening Security and Privacy

Opting for a third-party DNS like DNS0 enhances your security, ensures the privacy of your online information, and helps you get around your ISP’s limitations.

DNS0, a speedy and secure DNS resolver developed in Europe, fully adheres to GDPR regulations, making it an excellent pick for individuals and businesses in the European Union.

Despite being created by a European company to protect EU users, DNS0 can be used globally. According to DNS0’s website, they have servers in data centres across 27 cities around the world, not limited to Europe.

Speed tests show it can provide latency on par or faster than other major DNS providers like Cloudflare or Google DNS when queried from locations outside Europe as well.

End-to-End Encryption: The Key to Privacy

DNS0 excels in safeguarding your data. With support for advanced DNS protocols like DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-TLS, DNS-over-QUIC, DNS-over-HTTP/3, and DDR Encrypted Upgrade, it makes it incredibly tough for malicious parties to eavesdrop on or intercept your device’s communications with their service.

Zero DNS servers for secure environments

“ZERO” and “Kids”: Advanced Protection for Sensitive Environments

Apart from its standard DNS servers, it provides two additional options: “ZERO” and “Kids.”

“ZERO” is tailored for secure environments, enhancing the detection of risky domain names like phishing sites and command-and-control servers using expert-verified threat intelligence and advanced heuristics.

The Kids DNS servers provide a strong filter to prevent inappropriate content, ensuring a safe online experience for your children.

Kids DNS Servers

Here are the IP addresses of DNS0’s servers:



DNS server addresses for “ZERO”:




DNS servers for “Kids”:


How to Configure DNS0?

If you want to try out DNS0, you can visit their website and follow their instructions on how to change your DNS settings.

You can configure it on all devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, browsers, routers, Linux, and ChromeOS.

Link: Visit the .

Configure DNS0 on your Windows PC


Picking the right DNS server can significantly affect your online experience. Seek a DNS server that’s speedy, secure, respects your privacy, and doesn’t restrict your access.

One such choice is DNS0.eu, a free and secure public DNS service offered by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA). While accessible worldwide, it’s tailored to cater to the requirements of European users.