DLL Archive : Get rid of unused DLL's

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I’m sure  every one will have faced the DLL problems (at least one time), either by improperly uninstalling software’s or unknowingly deleting them.

In windows When you uninstall certain programs, you often get a window asking you if you want to delete a ‘shared’ Windows resource, a reference to a DLL file or files that you know nothing about them.
In that case if you just uninstall them, you will completely loss the function of a program that depends on that(shared) DLL.

In those situations AnalogX DLL Archive assists you, by searching through all the files on your system and letting you know which of them contain a reference to a DLL file or files. Once the search is complete, you’ll be presented with a list of all the DLL’s that don’t have references in the system. Then you can select which ones you think aren’t necessary anymore and archive them. If you delete something by mistake, you can restore DLL files from the archive – nothing is deleted until you delete it.

DLL Archive a freeware which is only 345 KB in Size is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP and earlier versions.

Website: AnalogX DLL Archive
Download : DLL Archive