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DiskZilla 8-in-1 software suite for Mac available for Free

DiskZilla is a professional suite of 8 essential apps that lets you clean and optimize your Mac (OS X 10.6.6 or later).

Normally available for $15, now Diskzilla is available free for a limited time at iTunes store and Mac App Store.

The 8 apps/features available in the DiskZilla bundle include :

1.Health Monitor
Lets you view your Mac’s analytics and provides real-time display of your CPU, network usage, memory usage, and disk space.
2. Memory Cleaner
You will see the exact usage by memory type and apps that are using significant memory. Click “Optimize” to free up space.
3. Disk Cleaner
Scan to remove junk files and free up valuable disk space.
4. Adware Cleaner
Remove adware and stop pop-up scams, safely restores your web browser back to normal.This is required as a lot of harmful adware will tend to hide in disguise as browser extensions and this will not reset your bookmarks and history.
5.Disk Map Analyzer
Map your disk drive to easily find large files eating up disk space, drag & drop large files you don’t need.
6.Duplicate File Finder
Uses a true SHA-1 checksum file compare to accurately find legitimate duplicates. This means that it finds all duplicate files by looking at the actual HASH value.
7. Application Uninstaller
Intelligently locates your applications, so you can properly uninstall these apps with everything associated with them. This includes all that junk that you no longer need.
8. File Shredder
Offers 3 levels of secure deletion -1 pass, 3 passes (DoD standard), and 35 passes (Gutmann method),  overwriting  your data will make the data unrecoverable. 7-passes of overwriting data will make sure more security, but  35-passes would be the most secure of all.

8-in-1 Suite DiskZilla available free of Cost:

On reaching 2,000,000 downloads across all of their apps, Pocket Bits LLC is giving this app free for a limited time. Visit iTunes app store to download the application.

The app is compatible with Mac with OS X 10.6.6 or later.

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