When you insert or connect a USB stick to your system, Windows OS will automatically launch the “AutoPlay” menu.

Actually “AutoPlay” function is intended to provide easy access to important options of a USB drive, so that users can directly access the files , documents or import music files from the USB stick.


Although “AutoPlay” function is useful in certain situations, but whenever (or every time) you connect the same USB drive to your computer the “Autoplay” message pops-up requesting you whether you would like to check the USB drive.

Also, if your USB device is constantly connected to the system and ever time you reboot your PC, the annoying request will keeping appearing.

To get rid of this, just follow below simple trick and permanently disable auto-playback function for USB flash drives.

How to disable auto-playback for USB drives?

Open the “Control panel”, then select “Hardware and Sound” category , next under AutoPlay section click on “Change default settings for media and devices” link.

disable autoplay function in windows

Now, just uncheck the option ”Use AutoPlay for all media and devices” and click the ‘Save’ button.That’s it, the annoying request message will be disabled.

Other method – Block Shell hardware detection :

Instead of just disabling the “AutoPlay” function, you can also directly block the shell hardware detection.Shell hardware detection is the system service, that is the primary reason for the automatic Playback.

windows key and r key to launch run menu

So, to block this service first press the combination “Windows” (start) and “R” keys to open the “Run” menu and enter the command “services.msc”, then hit “OK” button.

Now, you will see the Services Administration window, in that window look for ‘Shell Hardware Detection’ entry and double-click it, then select the option “Disabled” in the “Startup type” option.

disable shell hardware detection

Next , click on “Apply” and acknowledge the changes by hitting the ” OK ” button.


Note : Shell hardware detection will be useful for certain scanner programs, disable this may cause problems. In case if you face any problems after disabling this system service, then simply undo above procedure.