Download Digital Patrol 5.2.2 for Free

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Digital Patrol from NicaTech Software is an AntiSpyware software that protects your PC from spywares and other malcious softwares. Digital Patrol’s Lifetime updates and 1 year support license normally costs around $49.95, it seems for a limited time NicaTech Software is giving away Lifetime updates license for free.

About Digital Patrol:

Digtal Patrol detects and removes malware from your computer. The software uses rapidly automatic definition updates provided by NictaTech Software to detect and remove new threats. Also makes a heuristic analysis of files (Code Analyzer) to detect new threats and previously unknown malware, viruses and trojans. Scans the most popular archive types and the self-extracting executable files (ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, e.t.c.).

It’s powerful anti trojan scanner, detects and eliminates more than 1,284,673 Trojan Horses, Spywares, Viruses, Worms, malicious ActiveX controls and Java applets. It also makes a heuristic analysis of files to detect new, previously unknown viruses and trojans. The program checks the most popular archive types and the self-extracting executable files.

Key Features :

  • E-Mail Guardian Anti-Virus
  • Fully Compatible with windows 7,Vista,2003 and XP
  • Windows Security Center: Digital Patrol support Anti-Virus Integration
  • SpeedScan Technology — Enhanced performance through a new NictaTech Software scanning engine;
  • Rapidly Live Update — Every 30-min definition and modules updates;
  • Quickly and easily detect spyware and other malware that can use your private information without your consent, display annoying pop-up ads, or change Internet settings.
  • Removes the “active trojan” from a disk, even if it is blocking the file;
  • Removes trojan files that are locked for writing (e.g. DLLs being used);
  • Manage all autostart information and memory processes;
  • Best backdoor and worm protection;
  • Keyloggers, porno-dialers, porno-downloader protection
  • Scans: system memory and autorun areas (detects viruses, worms and trojans, which are running)
  • Scanning and cleaning of the Windows registry

My view:
I was surprised to see an interface like Mediaplayer, when you start Digital Patrol , it will immediately scans active startup software’s and you can scan drives manually by selecting the partition or folders, by clicking on “Start” button.

One of the interesting feature of Digital Patrol is,  it doesn’t conflict with other security products, my PC is already loaded with KIS 2010, Dr.Web Antivirus 6 and I didn’t see any conflicts. Another feature it’s automatic updates and it’s  functioning which is very smooth.

Note: Dr.Web Antivirus 6 will detect Digital patrol as Backdoor Torjan.


    How to get Digital Patrol 5.2 for free ?

  1. First visit this promo page, then fill the form and click “Send” button
  2. Note: You will not see any visual conformation, so don’t fill the form twice

  3. As they moderate each request manually, it may take more than 24 hrs to get the license code
  4. Download the installation file from here
  5. After Installation, click start button –>All programs–> Digtal Patrol–> Digital patrol Purchase &activation wizard, then enter your license code and activate your software