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Die Young Prologue: An Adventure Game Now Available for Free

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Die Young Prologue is an adventure game created by IndieGala that can be played on Windows. The developers are now giving this game away for free.

The events of the Die Young Prologue take place a few hours before the start of the major story. Your character, Nehir, is a field agent tasked with eliminating Brother No.1. Your mission has failed, and you have one last chance to make it to the extraction point.

You can grab a free copy of the game by visiting this IndieGala Store page.

Click on the “Scroll down to claim this product” button.

The “Login” button is located at the very bottom of the page.

Click the “Login” button.

Sign in with your existing Indiegala account, or create a new one.

Again, go to the giveaway page.

Hit the button that says “Add to Library.”

Download the free game by going to the library and clicking on the “Showcase Library” option. GalaClient can also be used to download the game.

About Die Young Prologue:

You take on the role of Nehir, a field agent for a major political party, in Die Young: Prologue. Brother N.1, the island community leader, is the target of the party’s efforts to undermine and eliminate him.

Grouped together, Nehir and her confederates managed to sneak onto the island. Their objective was to rescue their captured party leader.

Die Young Prologue Game Play

The assassination of Brother N.1 was the plan’s secondary goal. Unfortunately, things went horribly wrong with the plan. Nehir blew her cover while trying to eliminate Brother n.1, so she had to make a daring escape.

We chronicle her frantic journey to the meeting place in the prologue. Is there hope for her, or will she perish at a young age?

Action-adventure game Die Young: Prologue has a more linear structure than Die Young’s open world, but it still gives players a variety of options for how to approach and solve puzzles, as well as how to get out of sticky situations.

There are three stages in total: the Prologue, the Main Story, and the Conclusion.

Players who venture into these areas will find several items that will help them learn the story behind Die Young.