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The Desolate Hope PC Game Now Free on Steam

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The Desolate Hope game is made using Multimedia Fusion and it’s a sequel or followup to The Desolate Room game developed by Scott Cawthon who is famous for horror genre games such as Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The Desolate Hope an RPG platformer developed by Scott Cawthon and released on Steam in May 2014 for $5. You will find it hard to identify exactly what type of game the Desolate hope is because it has elements from so many genres.

This turn-based RPG fights the scavenger elements where you need to collect things, everything takes place on an abandoned structure in space called the Lun Infinus station. It was originally set up as a place to explore possibilities of humans living elsewhere in case the earth ever becomes uninhabitable.

There are different computers called Derelicts, that are each running their own simulations to try and create a plan for colonization.

However, the original plan was supposed to last five years and it’s been 30 years since the last contact with Lun Infinus station.

So the simulations are getting far more complex than originally intended now a virus has started spreading and it’s taking more and more processing to deal with the virus which leaves less processing power for simulations.

You control Coffee, the last mobile service robot which is literally a coffee pot with a CPU and it can move around.

As you learn about the Derelict and the virus and try to stop it along the way you uncover more and more about the world the computers and everything else.

The main gameplay is exploring the Lun Infinus looking for the virus, each of the Derelicts have their own area. So, you can explore each one and they’re actually really different from the enemy you fight to their layouts, they’re all very unique.

During this, it’s all platformer and you are fighting enemies which remind Megaman game. There’s also you collect along the way they can do the ability to buy upgrades for Derelicts.

There’s a day & night cycle, you can only look for the virus during the day at night you’re walking around outside looking items, the items are given to the Derelict to level them up.

The Desolate Hope

The Desolate Hope Free on Steam:

The Desolate Hope is FREE on Steam for a limited time, the game received 91 percent positive reviews from 750 plus users.

To get the game, visit this Steam Store page:, login to your account and click “Install”, the game is yours forever.