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Get Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition for Free on Steam

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Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition is free to download on Steam until April 25, 2023. Players on Steam can grab this turn-based puzzle game at no cost to their library (worth $14.99 ).

If you like dungeon-crawling games or just want to try something new, this is a great opportunity.

What is Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition?

QCF Design created and released this puzzle game where you take turns solving the puzzles. The game’s interesting gameplay and beautiful visuals led to its 2013 Steam release and subsequent popularity.

Now, on April 18, 2023, the enhanced edition of this PC game was launched on Steam for no cost.

The goal of the game is to make your way through dungeons while fighting monsters and eventually the game’s ultimate boss.

Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition Game Play

This game’s unique selling point is its procedurally generated levels, which sets it apart from other puzzle games. This implies that the dungeon layout will change every time you play, making each play-through of the game completely unique.

The game also offers a wide selection of playable “classes,” each with its own set of special skills and strengths.

New Content in the Enhanced Edition

There are two additional classes and a new gameplay mechanic in the enhanced edition. The updated version includes the following features:

New Classes

The warlord and the assassin are two new playable classes. The Warlord is a formidable melee fighter who can restore his health by killing foes. Conversely, the Assassin is a stealthy character whose surprise attacks can cause significant damage.

Seeded Daily Dungeon

The seeded daily dungeon adds a fresh challenge to the game. A new randomly generated dungeon is created daily using a different seed. This ensures that all players in the daily dungeon are on an even playing field when vying for the highest score.

New Content

New monsters, fresh items, and extra levels are just a few enhancements to this improved edition. There are also fresh challenges to face and missions to accomplish.

What People Are Saying About the Game:

Both critics and players have praised the game highly. The game has a 86% favourable rating on Steam, with players praising its deep mechanics, addictive gameplay, and charming graphics.

Tom Senior, writing for PC Gamer, lauded the game’s “clever design” and “sharp mechanics” in his review. The difficulty can be high at times, he said, but the game is never unfair. The “smart, rewarding gameplay” and “engrossing mechanics” were also lauded by GameSpot reviewer Kevin VanOrd.

Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition Free on Steam

How to Get Desktop Dungeons for Free on Steam?

Head to this Steam store page and click “Add to Account” to get the game.

The game will be added to your Steam library once you sign in.

The end date for this free deal is April 25, 2023.