DesignEvo V2.5 Logo Technology – Easily Make A Right Logo for All Purchases (FREE IS A CHOICE!)

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To brand business online, you would like to increase business awareness. Besides Ads and campaigns, an ironic logo plays an irreplaceable role. Won’t it be better to get a right logo for a company?

Even better, Aladdin comes and gives you a magic tool supports making the logo right away!

Though the tale is not true, such a tool does exist! That’s what we are going to present you in the rest of the article. Duang! It’s DesignEvo Logo Maker. Take a close look!

DesignEvo: A Blessing for Designing Dummies

DesignEvo is a flagship product of PearlMountainSoft, which only focuses in simplify logo creation to the most! It gets a simple interface with everything easy to find and make use of. As a user of DesignEvo, you are free from installation, since all the navigations are based on a browser.

5000+ Logo Templates Inbuilt – “Cook” any logo like a chief.

What’s good about DesignEvo? Its resourceful template has almost everything you need for a logo!

Entering DesignEvo, you will find a search box on the top left, where it validates you to look for several desired logos. It turns your ideas from keywords to logo templates.

Definitively, you can first browse those templates on the left options, from [Abstract] to [Travel&Hotel], before making a decision. It’s useful to find some great logo inspirations. Unlike groups of AI-powered logo makers, DesignEvo is human-crafted.

Specifically speaking, a group of Art undergraduates design those templates for you and go through them before updating. This way, it guarantees you a more excellent UX: you just need to pick one you like better and make customization.

While AI-powered machines can render uncountable logo graphics but do notice that none of them are under human examining, which may cause some issues and waste time. Do you really believe the machine understand your meaning now?

Seriously, it’s your logo, it will represent your brand!

DesignEvo 2.5

100+ Logo Fonts & Background, Millions of Icons – Template or scratch, unleash your creativity.

DesignEvo equips with tens of art fonts and 100+ classic fonts. That means you can change the font in a template. Or add a font-like logo text to your canvas.

It gives enough options on the top bar, including color, caption style, effects, etc. Likewise, you can change the background: transparent-background, solid color and gradient color are your options.

If you would like to change the logo shape to your liking, the [ICON] option is the feature you won’t want to miss. It allows you to retrieve keyword-related shapes for your design.

DesignEvo - techno360 logo

Previews and Downloads

For any designers, it’s sweet to get a view of how your design goes before you make a print. DesignEvo offers 6 practical previews.

In download feature, you may be required to register an account and make a purchase, when a 500*500 logo can’t meet your requirements. To be fair, the pricing is inexpensive:

*Free for 500*500 jpg/png download. Registration is not required. No tricks!

*$19.99 Basic for 5000*5000 jpg/png download. Require registration.

*$39.99 Plus for SVG/PDF file appended. Registration is required.

DesignEvo free online logo maker


DesignEvo logo maker does simplify the logo design process and ensures its users a delightful experience.

The company owner can take advantage of it to make a quality logo. Teachers can use it to show students how to create something with ideas. Anyway, it’s a sweet niche tool to try with!