Dejaclick:Record and bookmark your browser activities

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DéjàClick a Firefox 3.6 addon offered by AlertSite, allows users to record their own browsing activities and play it back to automate processes later on.

The recorder provided in this addon is actually used by AlertSite Business Transaction Monitor, which provides performance metrics and diagnostics for business transactions from multiple worldwide locations 24 hours a day.

Coming to DéjàClick , a web recorder and Super Bookmark utility designed exclusively for Firefox. You can record and bookmark your browser activities, then with a single click, replay the entire sequence all over again.

In short with this addon, you can automate repetitive tasks that we often do daily on several websites, for example logging in to your email account by typing user ID & password. So just create a DejaClick Super Bookmark  to whatever browsing activities you commonly find yourself doing in Firefox, then repeat it with a single click.

DéjàClick features :

  • One click  recording and bookmarking
  • Installs  a Toolbar with full record/replay controls
  • Records Flash and other embedded object activities
  • You can store the recordings as a script.
  • Download:  DejaClick