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defencebyte Computer Optimizer is a PC optimization program loaded with features designed to accelerate your computer. Fix your Windows registry items using this software and boost your system’s speed at the same time!

As we use our PCs more and more, they will eventually slow down to the point where your I7 processor and 16 GB of RAM will feel like a dual-core processor and one GB of RAM. This is because your system is always getting more and more junk files, memory holes, and temporary items that slow it down. This is why we should all have a third-party tool installed on our PCs for the sole goal of periodically cleaning them out, and one of the best options is Defensebyte Computer Optimizer.

A slow computer is very annoying to use. The slowness of your PC must be speeded up as soon as possible! This software clears log files, gets rid of old registries, and frees up system memory.

defencebyte Computer Optimizer UI

If you’ve used PC optimizers before, you’re probably familiar with the traditional main menu that most of these programs have. Defencebyte Computer Optimizer uses the same aesthetic layout as other optimizers.

You’ll be surprised by how many tools this program has, including the usual RAM booster, browser and registry cleaners, app manager and uninstaller, and more. Each of these tools is very good at what it does, and some of them, like registry cleaners, is even better than programs that are only made for that task. The cleaning process doesn’t seem to slow down the system in any way. Instead, it appears like the application prioritizes whatever you were doing at the moment, preferring to run a little slower than usual.

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