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Deep 6 - Awakening Role Playing Game Available Free on Google Play

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Deep 6 – Awakening is a text adventure role-playing game by Atropos tales. This game for Android devices normally sells for USD $0.99 on the Google Play store, but for the next 5 days, you can get it for free.

The game has 1000+ installations and received a 4.1-star rating out of 5 from 80 plus user reviews.

To grab the game, visit this on your device and add the game to your account.

deep 6 awakening

About Deep 6 Game :

“Deep 6 – Awakening” is a complex text adventure that takes place in real-time.


Get ready for a fantastic and scary sci-fi thriller that is all about making the right decisions.


You take on the role of the commander of a research station, 2,000 meters below sea level on an alien planet, far from our civilization.


As the story progresses, you have to make difficult decisions that can affect the mission and decide the life of the crew. You are confronted with different dangers and threats and you are on the trail of a conspiracy that could have far-reaching consequences for all of humanity.


In addition to the crew members, you also have a computer-controlled artificial intelligence, called CURE, at your side. It will guide you through the adventure and help you successfully complete the mission.


But be careful! Not everything CURE tells you to serve the well-being of the crew. So listen carefully and don’t make reckless decisions, otherwise, your mission might fail prematurely.


No internet connection is required for the game and no advertising is displayed.


  • Category: Text-Adventure
  • Languages: Englisch, German
  • Launch: 2018
  • Requires no internet connection
  • Does not contain advertisement


– More than 30% story content added, including several new branching storylines and choices
– Big design update, including elaborate backgrounds and animations
– Added sounds to specific sections
– More graphical assets of the station, surroundings and story elements
– Wrong decisions can now lead to a premature end of the game, requiring a restart from checkpoint
– Some choices are now timed
– There three different endings to the story now
– Added the possibility to replay the last chapter