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Deemo & DEEMO-Reborn- Rhythm games free for iOS devices.

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Deemo is a rhythm game made by the Taiwanese company Rayark. The game came out for mobile devices running iOS and Android on November 13, 2013. On November 18, 2020, a 3D remake of the whole game called Deemo-REBORN came out for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Both games, normally priced at $1.99, are currently free to download from the Apple App Store.

If you are interested, visit the below links and get it on your device.

For Demo:

For Reborn:

About Deemo Game:

Rayark International Limited created this musical video game. Unknown to everybody, a girl crashes through Deemo’s window and lands on his piano. And thus, the magical tale unfolds.


Feel the beat and groove to the melodies as you play this enjoyable rhythm-action game. The goal of the game is to tap the screen at the right moment so that the notes don’t all reach the bottom bar at once. To get the right sound out of other notes, you’ll need to slide them and tap them alternately in rapid succession.

The controls are as easy as sliding and tapping through the notes. The difficulty of the game increases as you move through the stages, as does the tempo of the music. You can adjust the song’s level to match your ability to keep up with the number of notes being played. Also, try experimenting with different speeds to put your abilities to the test.

It’s possible to spend as much time as you like listening to the game’s over 220 tracks. In addition, the game features a number of piano arrangements of songs by well-known composers, some of which you may recognize.

About DEEMO-Reborn:

Deemo Reborn Game Play

This 3D rhythm game will test your musical knowledge and puzzle-solving skills to new heights. Play this innovative and entertaining rhythm game on your iPhone while listening to the cool, absorbing sounds it makes. You hold the key to every puzzle: the keys of the piano’s music. Let your fingertips dance across the appropriate notes as the music plays!