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Decisly: Decision Helper Premium iOS App Now Free [24 hrs]

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Decisly is an iOS app which helps you deal with your everyday life decisions, regardless of how important or meaningful they are.

It’s pretty easy:
You just add a decision, attach pros and cons and you immediately get a suggestion if you should do something. The best thing with Decisly is it’s completely free.

If you want to have iCloud sync between your devices, or want to add multiple options and let either the pros and cons, or fate decide what you should do, then Decisly Premium might be something for you!

Decisly Premium (normally $4.99)is completely free for everyone until tomorrow!


Install and launch the app, tap the gear icon and buy premium for free ($0.0).

Decisly Premium

How often do you usually have to make a big decision, which can affect your life in drastic ways, and you can’t decide what to do? Decisly is here to help you!

Just add a decision, attach pros and cons and you immediately get a suggestion, what to do. The suggestion is based on a simple scoring algorithm:

  •  each pro and con has importance appended to it
  •  while pros get can get importance from 0 to 10, the importance scale for cons is from -10 to 0
  •  in the end, the arguments are evaluated by simply adding up the importance

This is how to make a Pros and Cons decision, but there are more decision types to discover with Decisly Premium:

** Multiple options **

  • add multiple options to your decision
  • attach the pros and cons to the options
  • evaluate which one you should pick, by comparing the arguments

** Random **

  • add multiple options to your decision
  •  randomly pick one