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Dead Space PC Game Free on EA's Origin

Dead Space PC game once again available as a free download on EA’s Origin.

EA’s digital distribution and gaming platform ‘Origin’ launched  “On the House”  promotional program in 2014 and offered various PC games for free and Dead Space is the first game  they offered through  “On the House”  promotion/

Now once again original Dead Space game available as a free download, if you had missed the previous giveaway now is the best time to add the game to your Origin Library.

on the house new service from origin

The ‘On the House’ page states that the games offered are full version and they will cost nothing, there’s no catch. Once you’ve claimed the game, it will be yours and you can download it or activate it at any time,

So, if you wish to get a free copy of the third-person survival horror Dead Space PC game, just follow the instructions.

Developed by Visceral Games,  Dead Space was originally released in 2008, in the game, you will play as Isaac Clarke,  a systems engineer in a spaceship fighting against Necromorphs  (reanimated human corpses). Dead Space game will return back to its normal price $19 or £9.99 in EA’s digital distribution system once the promotion ends.

Dead Space PC Game Free

Instructions to get a Free Copy of the Game on Origin:

  1. First, visit the ‘On the House’ webpage, then on the game image hover your mouse and hit the ‘Get it Now’ button
  2. Now if you have an EA/Origin account, log in to your account, others click on ‘sign-up now’ link and create an origin account
  3. Those who have installed Origin client on their PC, Launch Origin app on your PC, others download and install the origin application
  4. Next login to the Origin application, by entering your email address and password,
  5. On the Origin client, under “My Games” tab you will notice the game, then click on ‘Download Now’ and play the game once the download is finished
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