Dead In Bermuda PC Game Now Free on Origin (worth $15)

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Dead In Bermuda from French developer ‘CCP’ is a survival adventure game, this role-playing game usually sells for USD $14.99 and now Electronic Arts (EA) is giving this game free for its Origin (digital distribution service) users.

EA added Dead In Bermuda tile PC game to “On the House” promotion program through which EA frequently offers full games completely free for its users.

To get this game, visit this free deal page, click ‘Add to Game library’ and sign in to your EA account. Once the game added to your Origin library it’s yours forever to keep or play.

About Dead In Bermuda PC Game

As with most Survival titles, the story behind Dead In Bermuda is quite simple and merely serves as a backdrop for the setting; a plane has crashed landed on a mysterious island, with only eight people who live to tell the tale. These eight, pre-determined survivors all have something useful to bring to the table.

The background story revolves around the mysterious nature of the island, Scouting the island is one of the most important things to do if you wish to keep your people alive. Up to three survivors can venture from your camp to explore the jungles that surround them in hopes of coming across either resources or answers, one tile at a time.

It’s all about keeping your survivors alive, requiring you to pay close attention to their fatigue, injuries, sickness, hunger and depression levels.You’re well stocked up on supplies initially, with a fair amount of food, water and other useful resources at your disposal, but these obviously thin out the more time your survivors spend on the island.

dead in bermuda

Managing your resources and assigning your survivors to different tasks isn’t all too complicated. A clear interface and well-fitting comic book styled visuals help to keep things smooth and simple. Individual characters’ stats, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and depression levels are easily accessible and give you the ideal amount of information you need to properly manage the camp.

Every day is split up into three “turns”: sunrise, sunset, and nighttime. The first two allow you to assign your survivors to a variety of tasks to supply the camp with the necessary resources.
New options will become available as you do research in the makeshift library, allowing you to build a bed, a fruit basket, and a hunting bow, among others.

At night, you have to ration the gathered foods while the characters will have a quick chat with each other, for better or worse. Some conversations might strengthen the bond between the survivors, while another could potentially cause conflict among the group. These conversations are randomized and can’t be predicted.