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Databit Password Manager Full Version for Free [Windows]

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Databit Password Manager is an excellent application to use if you’re having difficulty managing your passwords. It supports offline data storage, incorporates additional essential functions, and features a modern user interface. It’s worth a look if you’re seeking a secure storage location for your passwords.

Why would you want to risk the security of your critical passwords and credentials by using a password manager that is integrated with your browser?

The majority of password managers keep your data on cloud servers thousands of miles away from you – but not Databit Password Manager! Except for you and the people you trust, no one has access to your data.

With Databit’s three-layer encrypted backups, you can still back up your password databases to a cloud server of your choice. The point is that you have full control without having to worry about your data being stolen.

To know more details about the software visit the developer’s

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Databit Password Manager Features:

  1. Enjoy Quick & Secure Logins from your System Tray.
  2. AES-256 bit military-grade encryption.
  3. Add Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to your databases.
  4. No Browser integration required.
  5. Super secure three-layer encrypted backups.
  6. 100% control over your own data! Store it wherever you’d like.
  7. Optional Master Password Recovery.
  8. Advanced Login for multiple-choice questions and multi-page logins.
  9. Includes easy setup of Desktop Application logins using our Wizard.
  10. Keep your Passwords, Identities, and Credit Card data secure and close to home.
  11. Login to your accounts securely with R.P.I. (Random Pattern Input). Helps to prevent key-loggers & clipboard loggers from seeing your passwords during login.
  12. Synchronize your Password Group databases across computers.
  13. Automatically backup your Password Group databases.
  14. Use the software for as long as you’d like – No annual subscriptions!
  15. Works with Windows 11 and Windows 10/8/7.

Get Databit Password Manager Full Version for Free:

Simply download the pre-activated giveaway version installer from this link or from this link[89.3 MB].

Run the installer, complete the installation process, and as it’s pre-activated you don’t require any license code.