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Brand new DAEMON Tools product for sharing USB devices. Now you can get access to remote USB devices that are physically located elsewhere. With this portable and user-friendly application you can share your USB-connected devices such as printers, webcams, keyboard, mouse and etc, with your other network computers and access these shared USB devices from remote system anywhere in the world via LAN, WAN, VPN or Internet.. Also with this app, it is possible to use remote USB devices even if they are not physically located on your PC.

How to use DAEMON Tools USB ?

Using the software  is very easy, just install  the app and on the main interface of the app, you will see two tabs : Remote Devices and Local Devices. The Local devices tabs displays  USB devices connected on your system, if you wan to share any  USB device , just right-click on the device and share it.

Remote Devices tab is useful, if you want access the shared USB device on the remote device, for this you must install Daemon tools on your system and on the remote device.Once if you installed the app on the remote system, click on the Remote Devices tab, then double-click on No Servers added button , next enter the  IP address of the Computer you need to connect. Now the remote devices tab will show whether the system you want to connect is  online or offline  and the shared USB Devices connected or not.

Key Features of DAEMON Tools USB :

  • Get remote access to USB equipment (flash drive, speakers, webcam, printer etc.).
  • Share USB devices to remote machines;
  • Connect to any USB device plugged to another computer via LAN, WAN, VPN or Internet.
  • Use rationally combined Server and Client parts.
  • Work with remote USB equipment just as if it was physically plugged to computer.
  • Access USB devices of all types and versions.

Try basic DAEMON Tools USB features in free beta version.

Download: DAEMON Tools USB Beta ( 6.1 MB)

Note:  During installation, the software installs Hotspot shield  on users consent, if you are not  interested  opt for “I do not want to install “. Hotspot shield allows you to browse the web anonymously with the help secure VPN technology.