Cyberlink PhotoDirector Deluxe 9

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Deluxe 9 Free License [Windows]

Posted by Ramakanth
Cyberlink PhotoDirector Deluxe is a photo editing and management software for Windows users. 
It’s one of the best rivals or alternatives to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Whether your photos are captured using a classy camera that cost a fortune or snapped with your smartphone, they can always do better with a bit of editing.
A crop here and a color-boost there can elevate a casual snapshot into a work of art.
For tweaking and enhancing your snaps, Cyberlink PhotoDirector is the best photo editor.
PhotoDirector bears an uncanny resemblance to Lightroom. Its Library mode keeps track of all your digital photos.
You can sort photos by date, add tags.
Arrange them into Albums and upload them to Flickr or Share them through Facebook or by email.

The Adjustment mode is packed with advanced tools for optimizing picture quality particularly for photos captured in Raw format.


PhotoDirector isn’t a carbon copy of Lightroom though.
Edit mode has features that Lightroom can’t match such as the ability to combine elements from many photos into a single image.
There are even dedicated tools for Whitening teeth, removing wrinkles and reshaping bodies.
The Split Toning tool applies a colored tint to highlights and a different tint to shadows.
It’s perfect for giving a vintage appearance, and the app can combine up to five photos of the same scene taken at different exposure settings.
This produces a single image with expanded contrast, known as a high-dynamic-range (HDR) photo.
PhotoDirector can compensate for distortions caused by imperfections in the lens.
Overall, Cyberlink PhotoDirector  Deluxe is  efficient photo management and  photo editing software

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Deluxe (V9) Free License:

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Next, you can notice the license key and download link for the installer.

Install the software, activate the product with the license key received through the above promo or giveaway link.

Note: This giveaway will be available until January 31, 2020.