1. thanks alot for the info. Already installed and using,
    but when I click on: “connect premium” it only displays
    germany based servers not US located servers, besides
    if a go to my account,subscription->details it displays only 10GB
    of traffic per month. Has anybody else notice this?

  2. Hi
    I got one…
    but the problem is their servers are busy always…
    I can connect to the server….but the server can’t connect to internet!!!

  3. First,i try with the basic version(free).Second,i uninstall because is not work.I don’t want to try again with premium that will not work.I try with freeVpn.It use the same driver like this,but work only if you pay.In the past it was free.Now,all work only if you pay.Americans from Hulu,it say from a lot of time that it will be Hulu for free for European,but nothing.Probably they work with this company that create :Free Vpn,Cyberghost Vpn and others,to make some money.

  4. I am facing the same problem as Ehsan is facing. I did install the software but its servers are always busy and also it connects to its own proxy server but not to the internet.. Um gonna uninstall this one 😐

  5. i got it :), but what is the user id and password ? will it be the same which i used to login to their account ? please tell ?

  6. Hi
    The promotion code (cobiextra) has expired,please renew it.
    Thanks in advance

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