CyberGhost 5 vpn is one of our favourite Virtual private networking tool.It lets you bypass geographic restrictions by making it appear as if you were based in another country.

CyberGhost  5 VPN is one of the famous & Fast  VPN service provider.This application replaces the externally visible IP address with a CyberGhost VPN IP address, generally a  1024-bit SSL encryption is used when establishing the connection.

Unlike normal proxies, CyberGhost VPN offers the highest level of security with maximum user-friendliness. With a single click you will  be able to surf anonymously with CyberGhost 5 VPN. This not only protects the browser, but also all the programs running on your PC

It also protects your privacy while browsing, the privacy control option in this app lets you remove information about operating system and browser version, block  cookies and social buttons that are intended to analyse your surfing behaviour.

CyberGhost 5 VPN routes your browsing through the software’s anonymised webservers, making it look as if you are based somewhere else. You can choose from 350 VPN severs located across 24 differnt countries. Furthermore it offers unlimited traffic and bandwidth.

CyberGhost VPN is a personal VPN-client that allows users to be anonymous on the Internet, it acts as a firewall and server between your computer and your ISP.


cyberghost 5

Internet is not an anonymous space, every time you create a new connection, you get a unique IP-address of the provider that clearly identifies you for the online session (and for a long time after that). While online, you are leaving a long trail, which allows third parties to track your preferences, purchase behavior , online transactions, views, and more.

Virtual Private network(VPNs) are private tunnels through the public internet. Creating a VPN used to be a complicated process, but over the last couple of years a number of VPN programs have been launched in response to the growing public interest in online privacy.

CyberGhost is one of the easiest to VPN service, it runs in the background of your system while you browse, re-routing all your internet activity via an anonymous server so that no one can see your real IP address.

Your real IP-address will be hidden, is protected against spyware and malware. An added bonus, bypassing your local server often speeds up your browser and lets you access websites that are blocked in your country.

The only downside of using a VPN is that some websites get suspicious if they can’t detect your usual IP address. For instance, your bank websites may block or force for two-step authentication.

Cyberghost 5 VPN is available in free and Premium versions. Free version can only be installed on one computer, and each computer can be activated only for one account, also the free version users will be disconnected for every 3 hours.

While premium accounts offer more features and capabilities: increased Internet traffic and bandwidth, access to Premium and VIP servers (besides free), depending on the tariff, guaranteed service availability without delay connections to servers and technical support.

Key Features :

  1. Military Internet encryption (256-bit AES)
  2. Servers from: US, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Netherlands
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. Works as a reliable additional Firewall.
  5. Additional protection for mobile devices (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec)

Update[5/12/2015]: Cyberghost 5 VPN Premium promo

As part of ‘CHIP Adventskalender 2015’  promo, now you can get premium keys of Cyberghost 5.5 VPN one subscription for free, all you had to do is   visit this German Promotion page, enter your email address, select the check box I’m not a robot  and hit the ‘Request Free Key Now’ button.  If your using Chrome browser, Google translate addon will be helpful.


After that in a few minutes (may be longer), you will receive a confirmation email from cyberghost, click the link and confirm your email address to receive Cyberghost 5 VPN  one year [12 months] premium license key or activation key.

Note: For this promo use new email id or email id that you didn’t used for previous cyberghost promo’s.


cyberghost 5.5 vpn license

Next , Windows OS users  can download  the installer  of  cyberghost 5 .5 from here, install it and launch the app. On the main screen of the app, click ‘Activate key’, this will cyberghost account page, next create an account and save the puk code to reset account password in future .

Now, login to you account ,  then  click the ‘I already have activation key’ menu and enter the code that you received through this promo.  Installer for other desktop OS and apps for mobile device can be downloaded from below links.

Mac OS X/ Linux/  Android and iOS.



1.According to the giveaway page, this promo  will be available for 24 hours or until the keys are available, while publishing post there are around 88,414 keys left.

2. The Activation key that you received with this promo should be activated on or before February 16, 2016.