Crusader Kings 2 Sons of Abraham

Crusader Kings 2: Sons of Abraham - Limited Time Giveaway on Steam

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Crusader Kings 2 is free to play grand strategy wargame (RPG) from Paradox Interactive and for a limited time Steam is offering the game DLC “Sons of Abraham” for free.

This limited-time giveaway will end on 27 Jan 11:30 pm. So, visit this Steam page and hit the “Add to Account” button.

The game will be added to your Steam library and it’s yours to keep forever.


Also, get “The Old Gods”  expansion for free:

If you don’t know the game developer and publisher Paradox Interactive is giving away another DLC “The Old Gods” steam key for subscribing to their newsletter, get it from this link.

Crusader Kings 2: Sons of Abraham

While the previous expansion pack “The Old Gods”  was primarily about paganism but the Sons of Abraham expansion increased the events and interactions with religion.

This fifth expansion of Crusader kings 2 gameplay focuses on the Abrahamic religions; Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Get your bishops appointed cardinals and tap the might of the Papacy, borrow money from the Knights Templar and send troublesome relatives off to live out their days in a monastery.

Jewish characters are playable for the first time and allow the player to restore the Kingdom of Israel, build the Third Temple and bring back the Priesthood.

Meanwhile, Islamic characters can choose to become members of the Mu`tazila or Ash’ari theologies, with penalties being suffered towards members of the other theology

Key features:

  • Control the Papacy through the College of Cardinals
  • Ask the Pope for money and favors
  • Play as a Jewish lord and restore the kingdom of Israel
  • Interact with the Holy Orders and see their influence grow
  • Pick sides in Islam as a rationalist Mutazili or an opposing Ashari
  • Retire troublesome courtiers to a monastery
  • Go on a pilgrimage to one of the holy places
  • Experience hundreds of new religious events