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Crusader Kings 2 Game: Free on Steam and GOG

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Crusader Kings 2, a prominent strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive, is now offered for free on the gaming platforms, Steam and GOG.

Playing this critically regarded grand strategy game allows one to put oneself squarely in the medieval setting, assuming control of a noble family and seeing it through the highs and lows of political intrigue, warfare, and diplomacy.

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The World of Crusader Kings 2

In this epic strategy game, you lead a dynasty of medieval nobles to either glory or ruin.

The game has a rich historical backdrop, set in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa from 1066 to 1453. It showcases captivating figures, royal families, and political schemes.

To accomplish their goals of expanding their kingdom, forming alliances, engaging in battles, and creating a powerful dynasty that endures, players can choose from a diverse range of rulers, each possessing unique abilities and aspirations.

The Gameplay Experience

The depth of Crusader Kings 2’s gameplay is a major selling point. The game is both innovative and engrossing thanks to its combination of strategy, role-playing, and simulation.

As the player, you have control over an entire family tree, not just one character. Your responsibilities include managing your kingdom, making challenging decisions, interacting with other rulers, and navigating an intricate network of alliances and conflicts.

The PC game focuses on the individual characters of the players, each with their own distinct qualities, abilities, and relationships. Selecting suitable successors involves considering the traits and skills of your dynasty’s members. Marriages can strategically create alliances, strengthen defenses, and expand lands.


Get Crusader Kings 2 Free on Steam and GOG:

When it first came out in 2012, the strategic gaming community immediately embraced this game. The game’s scope and gameplay have grown and improved thanks to various upgrades and additions over the years.

The developers at Paradox Interactive have released it onto Steam and GOG’s free-to-play platforms as a thank-you to the community.

Paradox Interactive hopes that by making Crusader Kings available for free, it can attract new fans to the series and expand its player base.

Here’s how you can get your hands on this game:

  • Steam:
    Visit the . Sign in to your account. Click the “Free to play” button to add it to your library. Once added, you can download and enjoy the game.
  • GOG:
    Head over to this .Log into your GOG account. You will see the Crusader Kings II standard edition offered for free. Select “Add to cart” and proceed to “Check out now.” Then, click “Place Your Order Now” to add the game to your GOG library. Once done, you can freely download and play it.

Crusader Kings 2 Game Free on GOG