Crime Cities PC Game Giveaway [GOG]

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Crime Cities is an action game with some racing aspects. This $3.99 worth game is available for free on the GOG store.

If you are interested in this futuristic vehicle simulator game, get it without any cost from (formerly Good Old Games).

Visit this giveaway page

Scroll down to the middle of the page.

You will notice a giveaway banner, click the “Get it Free” button.

Login to your GOG account (or create an account) and once again hit the “Get it Free” button.

That’s it, the game will be added to your collection, it’s yours to keep and play forever, for free.

Download the GOG Galaxy gaming client, install it, and log in to your account, from there you can download and play the game.

Crime Cities Game Giveaway

About Crime Cities PC Game:
Prepare to face a futuristic world where terror and crime have overtaken law and order.

The Human Federation decides to accuse Garm Tiger, one of its finest men, for treachery.
You must now accompany Garm as he embarks on a perilous mission within the Pandemia System.

You’ll risk your life in a variety of scenarios throughout the game’s various environments, such as piloting a hovercraft between city buildings. You can choose from 50 different vehicles, alter them, and equip them with more than 20 different weaponry.

Revisit Crime Cities, a ground-breaking hybrid of a shooter and a futuristic automobile simulator that debuted in 2000. Immerse yourself in the thick atmosphere of a dystopian future while pursuing a complex plot and completing a range of lethal, unpredictable tasks.

  • Total freedom of movement in a 3D environment
  • Fast-paced tactical gameplay
  • Over 100 branching missions
  • 50 unique futuristic vehicles to choose from, each with a wide array of modifications
  • More than 20 different weapons
  • 4 distinct cities
  • Varied enemy AI