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Crescendo Music Notation Editor Master's Edition Free 1 Year License

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Crescendo Music Notation Editor’s purpose is to supply a user-friendly setting for composing music in a flexible, free-form layout.

This user-friendly program allows you to compose music notation using a variety of specialized tools and then export it as an MIDI file, a picture file (PNG), or a graphical image (GIF).

Those in the musical world (students, educators, and creators alike) who need a great deal of freedom and command over the musical sheet will benefit from this program.

This Windows program facilitates a non-destructive and imaginative composition process by supporting a wide variety of musical notation symbols, as well as keys and time signatures.

The user interface of Crescendo Music Notation Editor is both attractive and straightforward. The tabbed interface keeps all the features neatly arranged.
Composition is the primary focus of the user interface, while the left and right sides contain quick toolbars containing notations like forte, piano, and crescendo, as well as all the derivations (pianissimo, fortissimo, etc).

Crescendo Music Notation Editor UI

You can either start fresh or open an existing composition, and you can import MIDI data too. Because of the layout’s free-form design, the notations and their placement aren’t restricted.

After you’re done making music, hit the Play button to listen to it and make changes, or to transpose the generated song by an interval you choose. The Auto Format feature can also rearrange your notations for you, making your sheet look neat and organized.

Crescendo Music Notation software is useful for those who want to compose their own music and have it easily stored, organized, and performed.

Crescendo Music Notation Editor Features:

  • Software that makes writing music easy.
  • Make Sheet Music for piano, choral, guitar, and other instruments.
  • Notes for editing: Assign sharps, flats, slurs, etc.
  • Playback with MIDI and VST: Piano, Guitar, and Other Instruments.
  • Create Tablature: Write on or convert an existing sheet.
  • It’s easy to compose music using standard notation, guitar tabs, or percussion.
  • Make your own sheet music that is good enough for a professional.
  • Make music for a band, a movie, a video game, or any other creative project.
  • Compose, Play, and Print beautiful sheet music.

Crescendo Music Notation Editor Giveaway:

Today, the PCWELT webpage is offering the Master edition of Crescendo Music Notation Editor worth $59.95 for Free.

You’ll need a bit of patience if you want to get your hands on a license code and activate this software.

First, visit this .

Note: Use Google Translate.

Enter the below promo code, and email address and click the “Registration” button.


Check your email inbox for an email from “NCH Software”. This email offers a license serial number and activate now link.

Click on the link beside “Activate now”.

Crescendo Music Notation Editor Master's Edition Giveaway

This link leads to a Registration page, where you need to fill out a small form with your name, email id and location address (you can use a fake address).

After filling out the form, click “Activate and retrieve registration code”.

The giveaway page will display the registration code, copy the code.

Download the software either from PCWELT or from the developer page.

Run the installer, and click “Download and Install in English”.

Complete the installation process, launch the app and on the main window click “Register”.

Copy the registration code and click “Paste”.

Crescendo Music Notation Editor Master's Edition License Code

Hit the “Continue” button.

That’s it!

Note: According to the PCWELT page, the giveaway is available only for today or 24 hours.