CPU Identifier Pro Android App Free for Limited Time

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CPU Identifier Pro application offers professional tools to identify CPU, chipset, RAM and other hardware components of your Android device.

The normal price of this Android app is USD $0.99 (₹ 280) and it’s now available for free on Google Play store. This free offer will be available for the next four days.

With 100,000+ installations, this app received a 4.8-star rating (out of 5) from more than 12000 users reviews on the Google Play store.

To get this app, on your Android device visit this

Click or tap the “Install” button and add the app to your library.

Note: This price drop is for the next 4 days after that price reverts back.

CPU Identifier Pro android app

About CPU Identifier Pro:

This is a CPU and hardware information, diagnostic and analysis tool for Android devices.

CPU Identifier displays detailed information on the CPU and hardware components of an Android device.

It detects the central processing unit, RAM, motherboard chipset and other hardware features of your Android smartphone and presents the information in simple tabs view.

CPU Identifier features –

1.System Info: detailed information about your Android OS, runtime, kernel, and SDK.

2.CPU Info: provides information about CPU architecture, CPU cores with real-time core clock measurements and CPU usage.

3.Display Info: reports information about the screen resolution, pixel density and aspect ratio.

4.Graphics Info: provides information about GPU and video driver.

5.Memory Info: detailed analysis of RAM including RAM usage, buffers, cache, and swap.

6. Camera Info: a diagnostic tool for your camera hardware, reports information about picture resolution, lens, focal length, and other camera features.

7. Storage Info: shows information about storage devices (HDDs, eMMCs, SD Cards).

8.Battery Info: detailed diagnostic of your device battery including charge capacity, output voltage, and battery temperature.

9. Sensors Info: reports information about sensors like accelerometer and magnetometer including range, resolution and power usage.