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COVERT Pro Free For 1 Year

COVERT Pro is designed to protect the user’s actions against spyware.This is not an antivirus and not classical anti-spyware. The software offers a new approach to protecting users against programs that covertly access data.

The program masks the user’s actions, creating a secure platform, which allows you to run applications for work, but makes the process invisible to software – Spyware or surveillance using a remote connection

It prevents the following actions: intercepting keystrokes, creating screenshots of your actions, any covert videotaping of your screen using a special program, prevents the recording of data displayed on the screen (including timeout), hides the contents of the clipboard.

A single user license of  COVERT Pro will cost $42 USD or €39, now you can get this software without any cost.

Update [12/6/2017]:  Today GOTD website is giving away this software, just head-on to this giveaway page.

All you need to do is download the setup file of Covert from here, run the setup file and finish the installation process.

After finishing the installation you’ll see the message the program has been successfully installed and the window of the installer can be closed.

To run the software double click the shortcut ‘COVERT Pro AE’ on your windows desktop.

The installer includes license key, so you need to register the license key by clicking on ‘Registration’ button, then hit ‘Register’.

About COVERT Pro Software:

This is a new direction in the protection of information which can be called masking.The program hides the user’s actions on the computer from spyware and other methods of obtaining information without the user’s knowledge.
Neither Antivirus nor antispyware will hide you or protect you from screen recording or screenshot capture.
There are programs that record your screen secretly, all your actions are recorded all day long and at the end of the day, someone can see everything that you do on your computer.
Antivirus will allow screen capture because it is not a prohibited action and the program doesn’t know whether you are performing this action or the attackers neither does antispyware it does not know who and for what purposes recording.


Covert has three modes of protection which will provide security against unauthorized launches inside the secure platform that is if the spyware tries to cling to some of your processes in the system COVERT Pro block spyware and will not allow anybody to steal your information.
In a report, the security company Symantec informed that nearly half of the malicious programs do not represent a direct threat to your computer so the antivirus and antispyware do not react to these programs.

Covert Pro is designed to protect the user’s actions on the computer from viruses and spyware – Trojans.The program has features that allow detecting Driver spies working at the kernel level.
Camoufleur monitors system services, network connection to the computer, the system processes and the clipboard. The program has built-in identification (authorization) feature. Its purpose to protect and fix applications and their data for recover them after the sudden closure.

Covert Pro Functionality & Interface:

The interface of the program isn’t novice friendly, you need to spend some time to get accustomed to the interface.

There are 12 buttons to quick start a popular program in the left upper corner of the main interface.

In the upper right corner, there’s a network monitor it shows the list of programs that currently have access to the Internet, on the left side under the quick launch button is platform identifier this program allows you to create many different platforms with different identifiers to improve the level of protection against malicious programs.

Under ID, there’s a button with the logo of ‘Covert Pro’ program for login to the secure platform, the right side of the ‘Login to the secure platform’ there are buttons for the main functionality of the program.

The Starting programs allow you to find and launch any program installed on your computer using Windows Explorer.The driver monitor displays the list of active file system drivers, this is very useful for spyware driver detection.

The System processes provide information about running processes on your computer, a process is a running system programmer or application, there are dozens of processes running in windows at any given time.

The System services feature shows the list of running services, services are applications running in the background during loading of the operating system or when certain events occur and they provide core OS functionality, usually services do not have a GUI so the work is not visible to the users.

The Settings window let you assign the buttons to quick launch applications (as shown in below screenshot), turn on/off the sound, turn on or off tips and switch the language of the interface.

On the right side with the buttons for the main functionality of the program below Network Monitor, there are the database threats.Database threats is an internal database which contains information about dangerous applications, the user can add or delete information from this database using specified buttons.


The clipboard shows the percentage of use and the internal clipboard, the internal buffer can contain up to 10,000characters.CPU load indicator shows how much of its resources the processor spends to process information.
The platform load indicator shows how much CPU resources the platform uses, most of the load is created by the applications that are running.In the lower left corner of the window is the programs open platform. you can see here all running programs inside the secure platform.

Covert Pro Key Features:

The driver monitor, system processes and systems services are the features of the program designed to identify spyware on your computer.

Driver Monitor:

Click the driver monitor button to use this feature, by defaults you’ll see the list of active drivers.

To see all the drivers in your system click all the drivers, in the central area of the screen you can see a list of drivers with columns Number, Name Driver, Driver path, description, driver type, download type, and status.

Lines of the list can be highlighted in three colors: green, yellow and red.

Green means that the driver has been added to the database allowed, yellow indicates that this file has not been approved by developer and user.Highlighted in red are the drivers that are listed in database prohibited conceal their presence in the system.

The user can add or delete drivers from the database allowed and database prohibited.If you want to remove a driver belonging to spyware or simply a suspicious one, right-click on it and choose in the context menu remove the river.

After removing you need to restart your computer, recheck allows you to check the location or drivers in the computer’s file system.

System Process:

This feature provides information about all processes on your computer, one of the methods for detection of viruses and spyware on your PC is checking running processes.

In the list of processes, you can see the columns app, application name, ID a unique identifier of the process, startup time, address and company.

Green color means system processes that windows started this process, the yellow color processes that are disguised the system, they have names of the system processes but they are in the wrong folder and the red color for the applications that are in the database threats.

The hidden processes monitor is designed to detect and display the list of hidden processes or rootkits that hide from task manager.

System services:

This feature displays the list of running services, by default this list shows active services.

In the list of services you can see such columns as a number, service name, display name, file name, status, start type and address.

The green colors for services which are in database allowed, yellow indicates that developers and users have not approved the file, Red color indicates are the applications that are in database threats.
To learn more about all the features of the COVERT, read the help file the program, press F1 on the keyboard or choose help from the context menu.


Overall, COVERT Pro is a must have security application on your windows to be invisible to the spyware, but the program isn’t for beginners and however by digging into the help file, you can understand the program functions and know how to utilize this application for your security.


To know more details about this security tool visit the developer page.

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